Frankston Skate Park hosts some of the best skate and BMX terrain in Australia, suited for all ages and abilities.

With a world class street course consisting of boxes, ledges, manual pads and a 3 flat 3 hubba rail, there’s more than enough to accommodate everyone. That’s not to mention the park hosts a small kidney bowl and 12ft big bowl for those more experienced riders.

With the park being almost 3,400 square metres, it’s not hard to find an area to yourself that you feel comfortable with. And for those who may be a bit intimidated, never fear as our friendly staff are always happy to help you out during supervised hours.

Looking for a break from the grind? Frankston Skate Park has just the place!

Located at Frankston Skate Park is a little café, stocked up with beverages and snacks to keep you going through a tough skate session. Our friendly YMCA staff are happy to help you in whatever way possible, and good vibes are always had.

So when you need a rest from all the shredding, pop into the Frankston Skate Park Café and take a load off.

Pop in and grab a cold beverage!

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